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Submitted on
March 31, 2012


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The following are daily deviations given out by the following anime/manga community volunteers!
Nyiana-sama , MzzAzn , kit-y, Miss-It-Girl


Nyiana-sama's picks:

Tea Party by Mrs-JackyLoX: Princess by Squ-chanreimu by kirero1The BoneScythe by Nakubi
Prisoner of 25kY by DensenManiyaaltona braver by YuhkeLoX - AB: A Little Haute by RabuRabbitguardian of the galaxy by litka-sullivan
Aurora by angelcake12CR :: ENYAAAAAAAAHHHHoook!!! by chaotic-charmLovely by JoyfoolSnow and Umbrella by Eternal-S
midnight serenade by ComplexWishSunday by shirei.sugar-coated stars. by rhymebox


MzzAzn's picks

firestarter by antique-teacupCadaver dogs by rivaste99EYES 003 by SADON999Niwa ni... by oOoCheeroOo
Kiriban 4000 - 60913 by buffy23adjQuetzalcoatl by IC-KanameRossa e Bianca by arihatoRosier by Gasara
Ancient kingdom by loxsianarain by ying99I Can't Face You by visualizemyname-Secret Garden- by Rumi-Kuu
.Hiboux. by TGA-TsurugiNon Sense by oOCassieOoThe Peter Pan Syndrome by mattchaDeer Love by flyingpeachbun
MM: Screw dem Shadows by cherubchanHeart Hit by ksplusCommission: RideLikeAGirl by RegInsenser
:: H I N A M A T S U R I :: by hitogatahamelin by KuyaChanCommission-Usapyon by tenzukiButterfly Black by NaeNeko
He by Hooooonsnow by Maria-SandaryCrow Song by lalami02Flower Fairy by iraya0212
Viridian Window by riysseDrawing 1.16.12 by Faeliciasaber by INstockee


kit-y's picks

No matter how you color by JeongkBeyond Reality by TypinCandy Witch by nicetsukichiCan't move by Razor-Sensei
Heart of time by Maruukidragon and chil by ciaonaidinCR WAR Support: ENYAAAAAAH!! by ErkazNora's wings by Teaserd
Calm Madness by AllisonStanley


Miss-It-Girl's picks

Bed time tale by 3-Keiko-chan-3S M I L E - Firecel by FirecelChildhood by DAV-19O' by HAYADAI
ghost girl by chuwenjieHAPPY BIRTHDAY RUI by countercanonForbidden Love by shrimpHEBYLina raced the wind by shakabet
Peacock by ABRZAStars in the Sky by plurain:thumb273607920::thumb207939318:
Paint my world by ilolamaiSunflower by arieluciaWorld's Edge: Full by beastaceGlass Arrow by feguimel
Peaceful day by Shadow2810Sorrow of the Universe by DanteWontDieGreen world by nyorinyori:thumb289049991:
Clouds of Dreams: Leaving by Angelforever06:comm: Backseat Gamers by Deathdy666

We hope you liked our picks for March! :heart:!

Don't forget, as a member of the community you can feel free to suggest works to us as DD's.
Please see our individual DD guidelines for anime/manga Daily Deviations below!
Nyiana-sama - Sam's time as a CV is coming to the end of her term, please send other DD suggestions to the following CVs below ^^
MzzAzn -
kit-y - Guideline on profile page
Miss-It-Girl - Guideline on profile page

I hope you take the time to suggest works to us, remember self suggestions are encouraged! :la:

FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

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